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Half price Membership and Renewals now!

SPELD NSW is urging you to consider supporting our organisation by Joining / Renewing as a Member for 2016. SPELD NSW offers a free referral service which supports children and adults whose lives are affected by specific learning difficulties. Your membership will continue to help us provide this free advice and other services to children and…

woodcock johnson IV

Understanding Dyslexia: Assessment and Intervention

Fri. 29 July 2016, Sydney. Professional learning for teachers, tutors and related professionals. Presented by Dr Nancy Mather, co-author of the Woodcock Johnson IV. This workshop will focus on both assessment and evidence-based interventions for students who struggle to learn to read and spell. Nancy Mather will address the definition of dyslexia; the importance of…

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SPELD NSW Recommends Dandelion Readers Phonicbooks

Synthetic phonics instruction. The term “synthetic” refers to the process of synthesising, or blending individual sounds together. In synthetic phonics programs, children practise blending as soon as they know letter-sounds that blend together to make a word. This approach helps children understand very early how the reading / writing process works; that it requires blending…