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Phonic Books specialise in publishing synthetic phonic reading books and workbooks for beginner and catch-up readers and spellers. This catalogue links the phonic reading books with the Australian Curriculum English (ACE) Year levels. Our books are based on the following principles:

  • Decodable reading books should be an integral part of any Synthetic Phonics teaching. Our books complement any Synthetic Phonics programme.
  • A phonics reading scheme should progress in small steps so that all children can follow it with success.
  • Children need to practice and consolidate what they have learned at each stage. How much practice is needed varies from pupil to pupil. The breadth of our range of books allows for this.
  • Playing reading games is a great way to practice reading skills.

Information on Dandelion Readers:dandelion phonicbooks

Beginner Readers (3 to 6 yrs):
Beginner Readers Information Flyer

Catch-up Readers (8 to 14 yrs):
Catch up Readers Information Flyer

Assessment Recommendations
Assessment Reading Card


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Dandelion Beginner Readers Flyer March 2016

Dandelion Beginner Readers

Dandelion Catch Up Readers Flyer March 2016

Dandelion Catch up Readers