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The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is a major technological breakthrough for anyone wanting to read English, Spanish, French, German or Italian exam questions. The C-Pen Exam Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an human-like digital voice.

The Exam Reader has been approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)* for use in exams.
This means students who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia can independently take exams knowing that they can read and understand the questions.  No special access arrangements are required.
The pen is half the size of other portable pen scanners on the market and at 50g is half the weight.

As well as promoting Independent Reading this pen is:

  • Ideal for hearing words & lines of text read aloud
  • Great for students with dyslexia, reading difficulties and english as a second language
  • Designed to allow students to be with their peers in the main exam hall with headphones plugged into their pens

Screen OLED 256*64
CPU 600MHz
Earphone 3.5mm
Battery 1,200mAh
Scan Font Size Range 6.5 – 22 pt
Menu Languages English
Certifications CE RoHS FCC
Size Dimensions: 135 x 33 x 19mm Weight: 50g

C-Pen Exam Reader uses a standard micro USB connector for charging, and a standard 3.5 mm connector for your favourite headphones.

Products are warranted against defects for 1 year from date of purchase.


Order/enquire via email –
Order/enquire via phone – 02 97396277


General Information:

  • It should be treated as a READING AID not as a tool to read  large amount of text
  • Would recommend for use for those 9 years and older
  • Is NOT suitable for children with bad motor skills
  • All text scanned can be stored – quotes can be uploaded to the computer
  • Maths symbols can’t be read
  • Has a Dictaphone with voice memo – i.e. can talk about homework to do
  • It will only read normal print – with fonts 6pt to 22pt. It will NOT read handwriting or Lucinda font.
  • Has a life of 8 hours continuous use
  • Built in speaker through head phones
  • You can get French, Spanish, German and Italian dictionaries.
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C-Pen Exam Reader

  • Is the reader ONLY – it doesn’t have any dictionary etc.
  • It is Orange, so it can stand out
  • C Pen Exam Reader is not recommended for Chemistry and Maths
  • Is International Baccalaureate approved
  • NESA will take into consideration the special provisions  of this assistive technology.  It will depend on the application.
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Order/enquire via email –
Order/enquire via phone – 02 97396277