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Phonemic Awareness Kits

Phonemic Awareness Activities Kit is an excellent resource for teachers and tutors, as well as family members. It can be used to practise: alliteration, isolation and rhyming.

This Phonemic Awareness Activities Kit includes: 5 colour coded bags of objects, 2 sets of number cards, a set of colour coded alphabet cards and a helpful set of instruction cards. A list of objects included in the kit is organised by initial and final consonant sounds, and short and long vowel sounds. All cards are laminated and long-lasting.

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Phonemic Awareness is concerned with the ability of the brain to process and manipulate sounds in words, i.e. to isolate all chunks of sounds (phonemes) in a given word in the correct order. Research has demonstrated repeatedly that in order for students to develop excellent reading and spelling skills they must also develop excellent phonemic awareness skills. These activities have been designed to provide fun ways for young students to practise playing with sounds in words.

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