A wonderful start to early reading instruction for Kindergarten and Year 1 classes!

This pack of 3 of each of the Dandelion Launchers Sets (180 readers in total) plus one of each of the workbooks provides Kindergarten classes with readers which give students the opportunity to practise essential letter-sound knowledge and decoding (sounding out) skills.

These readers can be used in reading groups or as take home readers.

Each Pack contains 180 readers plus 4 workbooks:

3 x Sam, Tim, Tam (12 books)
3 x Ted (16 books)
3 x Lost (12 books)
3 x The Big Chip (20 books)
1 x Workbook – Units 1 to 3
1 x Workbook – Units 4 to 7
1 x Workbook – Units 8 to 10
1 x Workbook – 11 to 15



$1,290 (including GST and postage to one location) reduced from a retail price of $1355.

SPELD Members price of $1,195 (including GST and postage to one location)

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We also have Dandelion Readers Kindergarten Packs available.

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