2016 Scrabble Challenge – Learning Links Fundraiser

  • 05:30 PM
  • Parliament House, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • 02 8525 8222 or email:

About the Challenge

Learning Linkslearning links logo is excited to announce the 2016 Scrabble Challenge!

Following from the success of last year’s Scrabble Challenge we will see corporate teams and individuals going head to head on the scrabble board to take out the prestigious “Scrabble™  Challenge Cup 2016”.   It will be a night of fun and brainpower mixed with delicious canapes and drinks. The evening will take place at the Parliament House, a beautiful historic location in the heart of the city.

The ever charming and witty James Valentine, (author, journalist, musician, radio and television presenter) will be our special guest MC for the evening, making it a night you won’t forget!

This event is a fantastic team building exercise and fun night out with your colleagues and friends.  It is also a great way to entertain business clients, as well as networking with new organisations –  all to raise funds for a great cause, improving literacy and numeracy for disadvantaged children with learning disabilities and difficulties through services provided by Learning Links.


Enter a Team ($460 per team entry)

You can enter as many teams from your organisation as you wish.
A team consists of 4 players.
Each player will play individually, but all 4 team members scores will be added together at the end of the night to make up the team’s total score.
Each person will play three 40 minute games against new opponents each time.
First Game – To keep it familiar and fun, your 4 team members will play each other!
Second & Third Games – You and one of your team members will play against two new players both games.
The team with the highest score will take out the Team Scrabble Challenge Cup.
Individual scores for each player will also be ranked to see who takes out the Individual Scrabble Challenge Cup.

Enter as an Individual ($115 per entry)

Three games will be played against 3 new opponents each time.
The total game scores are added together to make up the individual’s total score.
The individual with the highest score will take out the Individual Scrabble Challenge Cup

Spectator Only  ($95)

Don’t feel like playing scrabble?
You are welcome to come along and support your colleagues for the evening.
Enjoy some great food and wine at an amazing location and be entertained by James Valentine.

Game Changers ($10 each)

You can purchase helpful game changers to assist with your game – either pre-purchase before the event or pay as needed on the night.  You can select from the following:

Q word sheet
No vowel words
Vowel heavy words
Swap 2 letters
Advice from a scrabble expert


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