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What do you think and feel about ADHD?





Dear Parent,
You and your child are invited to participate in a student research study being conducted by the School of Psychology, The University of Sydney. We are conducting a study to investigate the illness perception of children/adolescents with ADHD (aged 10 -­ 18 years old)and their parents. In the study, we are interested to investigate what do you and your children think and feel about ADHD.

We would also examine how does different perception of ADHD affect their health outcomes such as emotional health, treatment adherence, and coping behavior. The findings of the research will help professionals improve their interventions and services provided to families having children/adolescents with ADHD.


What the research involves:
You and your child/adolescent will be asked to fill in questionnaires online about the perception of ADHD, coping behavior, treatment adherence, and psychological well-­?being. The questionnaires are expected to take approximately 15-­?20 minutes to complete.

What benefit do I have for the participation?
You will receive cash voucher ($20 Coles Voucher) as compensation for your time upon completion. Moreover, you and your child/adolescent’s participation can indirectly benefit the ADHD community by letting clinicians have better understanding of the views of young people and their parents on the condition.

How to participate? Got further questions?
If you and your child/adolescent are interested to take part in this research, or you have any questions regarding the study, please contact one of the researchers listed below to discuss the study with you in more details. You can choose whetherto participate following receiving more information about the study. You and your child/adolescent can also choose to withdraw from the study at any time.

Contact Details
Iana Yuen Ting Wong -­? Student Investigator
Master of Science Candidate
Telephone: +61 410 184 889

Dr Ilan Dar-­?Nimrod – Chief Investigator
Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +61 2 9351 2908
Email: ilan.dar­


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