Language and Literacy for Academic Success

  • 06:00 PM
  • St Christopher's Catholic Primary School. 235 Tower Street, Panania, NSW 2213
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Gifted Families Support Group (GFSG Inc) are pleased to announce

Rhonda Filmer, presenting “Ensuring Optimal Language Development for Gifted Children to Promote Success in the School System”.

Optimal language development (speaking, reading, spelling and writing) should be ensured for gifted children since language is the vehicle for the communication of thought. If our gifted children are to excel in the school system and in life their written language skills need to be as strong as their spoken language. This is not always the case particularly with our twice exceptional who may have learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Excellent skills in English are far more complex to acquire than we might think as neuroscience has recently shown us and are not guaranteed by simply attending school.

Rhonda’s presentation will be complimented by GFSG Inc’s annual Professional Appreciation Awards ceremony. A ceremony made all the more meaningful this year by the inclusion of the Inaugural David Wastie Memorial Award. Collectively, these awards recognise excellence in providing for the needs of gifted children and their families on a range of levels and in a range of arenas.

Registration for this event opens at 6pm. Please look for the GFSG Inc banner and signage as you enter the school, heading for the library. The event itself will commence at 6:30pm sharp, beginning with the awards ceremony before moving into Rhonda’s presentation and concluding with a light supper.

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