Language and Literacy: the obligations of Schools of Education.

  • 05:00 PM
  • Education Building A35, The University of Sydney, Sydney NSW

Seminar with Professor Malt Joshi

co-hosted by A/Prof Joanne Arciuli and CRLI


Language and literacy: the obligations of Schools of Education

A special seminar with Professor R. Malatesha (Malt) Joshi, co-hosted by Associate Professor Joanne Arciuli (Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney) and The Centre of Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI) at The University of Sydney.

Research has repeatedly and convincingly shown that poor literacy skills can have devastating effects not only on individuals’ social, economic and health issues but also can negatively impact the advancement of societies and nations. Additionally, empirical studies have confirmed that when literacy problems are not identified at the early grade levels, it may be very difficult to rectify the problems later on and the negative effects of illiteracy continue.

Even though various factors such as socioeconomic status, oral-language development and orthography may be reasons for literacy problems, several studies have shown that systematic and explicit instruction based on the structure of language can alleviate this problem. Unfortunately, other research has shown that teachers are not equipped with the knowledge about the linguistic constructs needed to rectify literacy development.

In this talk, Professor Joshi will present findings from his research into teacher knowledge in various countries, including the US, New Zealand, Australia, China and Finland. For more information see here.

R. Malatesha Joshi is Professor of Reading and Language Arts Education, ESL and Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University, where he teaches and conducts research in literacy development and problems among monolinguals and bilinguals in different orthographies. Dr Joshi is editor of Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal and the monograph series titled Literacy Studies: Perspectives from Cognitive Neurosciences, Linguistics, Psychology and Education.


20 October 2016
5.00pm – 7.00pm
Room 351 (the Large Lecture Theatre) in the Education Building A35.
No RSVP needed

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