Learn How Words Work: Spelling Development, Assessment and Intervention

  • 09:00 AM
  • Rydges Hotel Camperdown, 9 Missenden Road Camperdown
  • Shirani Gomes, NSW CPD Coordinator on

The workshop will examine how spelling proceeds in the typically developing child; it will also explore how poor processing and delayed language can affect its developmental route. In addition, a major part of the day will be devoted to showcasing evidenced-based assessment as well as intervention techniques.

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About the speaker – Jenny Baker

Jenny has worked in the language and literacy arena for over thirty years; she has established a big busy private practice in W.A. with a total of 21 Speech Pathologists who work with students from pre-primary to upper high school presenting with literacy issues. At the practice, Jenny has adopted a support and development role, in order to pass on the “baton” of skills and knowledge obtained throughout her many years of experience.

Jenny has presented workshops on spelling and written expression for Speech Pathology Australia as well as The WA Dyslexia SPELD Foundation (DSF). She also teaches fourth Year Speech Pathology students about theoretically sound and empirically researched practices underpinning the assessment and intervention of literacy skills.

Her career path has sometimes ventured into unchartered waters, however educational research has always been available to support her clinical decisions. The “slow courtship” and eventual “marriage” of language with literacy has resulted in speech pathologists now playing a vital role in the diagnosis and remediation of learning difficulties, something Jenny supports wholeheartedly. Her clinic has established a close relationship with DSF and is one of the few practices in Perth currently contributing to the process of Specific Learning Disability diagnoses.


About the workshop

The workshop will explore the scope of practice for speech pathologists in the assessment and treatment of children with spelling disorders. It will focus on Foundation to Year six, but the principles can be applied to high school students as well. Problem based clinical activities will be used to consolidate the discussion throughout the workshop. Intervention principles will emphasise explicit and systematic instruction as well as the response to intervention model. At a clinical level, participants will learn how to apply these principles in order to develop a tailored intervention within a variety of service delivery frameworks.

Learning outcomes for participants include to:

  • identify the different stages of spelling development from early phonological awareness through to advanced orthographic representations
  • “unpack” the scope and sequence of a structured synthetic phonics program
  • understand the rule-based principles that underlie much of our spelling system
  • become aware of the cognitive and linguistic contributions to the spelling system
  • become familiar with a range of assessment procedures
  • apply a diagnostic framework to the analysis of spelling errors
  • develop strategies for goal setting
  • select evidenced-based principles, practices and programs for effective spelling instruction
  • understand the condition of Specific Learning Disability


Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for speech pathologists working in the field of literacy.
Speech pathology students who have undertaken relevant lectures and coursework may register.
The focus will mainly be on spelling in the Pre-primary (Foundation) to Year 6 range, however principles and practices will apply to those children with spelling difficulties in high school.


Before the workshop

An article for pre-reading has been supplied by Jenny Baker. This will be sent with the reminder email one week prior to the workshop.


Venue and contact details

Venue: Rydges Hotel Camperdown, 9 Missenden Road Camperdown. Limited onsite parking for $12 within the basement of the hotel. Please pay for parking at the hotel reception before the beginning of the event. Limited metered street parking is available. Public trains and buses within 20 minutes walking distance from the hotel. (Bus tickets need to be pre-purchased). Please contact Rydges Camperdown directly for further information. Accommodation is available within the hotel. Please contact the hotel

Enquiries regarding venue or workshop, please contact Shirani Gomes, NSW CPD Coordinator on

Enquiries regarding the registration process, please contact SPA National Office on 1300 368 835 or

Event Code: 18NSWSPELL


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For prices, online registration, conditions and more info see Speech Pathology Australia Website

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