MyNap Sleep Study for Children with ADHD


Sleep study for children with ADHD

An international research team, including researchers from The University of Queensland and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, is undertaking a study to look at the effectiveness of Melatonin in helping children who have a diagnosis of ADHD, are currently treated with stimulant medication, and are experiencing sleep difficulties, particularly getting to sleep.

This study is designed in a way that it can help provide information for individuals, and also group information. This information will be useful in determining if melatonin has a significant effect on sleep for your child.

Every child will receive both melatonin and placebo (identical dummy tablets) so that the researchers can compare their response to melatonin with their response to the dummy tablet, and decide if melatonin works for them or not. It is not the usual trial where some people get active and some people get dummy tablets. This is an individual medication effectiveness test, where each child and family and their doctor will get a report at the end of the trial about whether melatonin works for them.

This report can help in planning strategies to help your child sleep better.

You can access further information via the website

or you can contact the research team directly on 0408 599 033 or via

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Dr Jane Nikles| Senior Research Fellow
UQCCR| The University of Queensland?

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