Something is not quite right with my child’s learning – What are Learning Disabilities and how can I help?

  • 07:00 PM
  • 2/172 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW 2137 (entry via McCarthy Lane)
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Rhonda Filmer and Kristen Graziani

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Something is not quite right with my child’s learning…

What are learning disabilities and what can I do to help my child?

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When: Thursday 22 October 2015 at 7.00pm

Where: 2/172 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW 2137  (entry via McCarthy Lane)

Audience: Parents & Carers

Cost: $20.00 for Members, and $40.00 for Non-Members

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Workshop Overview

Is your child different in some way from other children of his age? When is the right time to take action to assist him or her? What will you do to find the right help?  This is a workshop for parents.

Rhonda Filmer and Kristen Graziani will take you through the common symptoms of the Specific Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia and Autism. They will also present the concept of the ‘twice exceptional child’ who is gifted and yet has a disability that may prevent high achievement. Through case studies they will show you how a child can meet the criteria for specific disabilities yet still have an individual profile of particular strengths and weaknesses and then suggest a course of action for finding a diagnosis and addressing the child’s learning needs.

From their years of experience you will be presented with a synthesis of current understandings and recommended treatment.


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Rhonda Filmer:   Rhonda taught in public schools for 12 years during which her interest in the underachievement of many of the brightest students became a focus and motivation for postgraduate studies at UNSW. She completed a Master’s degree while working at St Andrew’s Cathedral School where she became the inaugural Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator. In 2002 she began her Twice Exceptional Educational Consultancy to more effectively address the individual differences in learning needs of gifted students with learning disabilities, most particularly dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, at the individual, family, class and school levels. From here a major focus of her subsequent research has been the early teaching of reading since we know that if a child with a pre-disposition toward a learning disability is taught to read effectively in the K-2 years then the effects of that disability as an inhibitor of reading progress can be reduced dramatically. Rhonda is an advocate for more effective teaching of reading, early identification of children who are gifted and/or have a learning disability and for reform of university coursework in the pre-service education of teachers.

She is Vice President of SPELD NSW.


Kristen Graziani:   Kristen has over 20 years’ experience in the education sector. Her original teaching qualifications were in early childhood education, following which she worked in both Teacher and Director roles in long day care and preschool settings. Kristen then branched out into adult education, lecturing for various training organisations, currently at TAFE, where she has spent 14 years teaching upcoming educators to work in both early childhood and school environments. Kristen also recently completed her Master of Education, majoring in Special Education. Her passions lay above all in the areas of learning disabilities, Asperger’s, anxiety, and gifted children, particularly those who have co-morbidities. Kristen is also a wife and mother of 2 gifted children, one of whom has Asperger’s.