Reading Doctor Workshop – Teaching kids to read

  • 09:30 AM
  • SMC Conference and Function Centre. 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • 1300 669 940 or web:

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Teaching kids to read: Incorporating the latest insights from research to help kids thrive.

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Teachers and support staff, parents of children with reading difficulties, speech pathologists, educational psychologists and other professionals involved in teaching children to read.


Part 1 – The Latest in Literacy Research: How do children learn to read? Why do some students struggle with reading?

An Introduction to:

  • The sounds of English: phonemes
  • Writing in sounds: graphemes
  • Beats in words: syllables
  • Units of meaning: morphemes
  • Regular and irregular words

The Reading Process

  • How children learn to read and which skills are important in reading

Why Some Students Struggle with Reading

  • The latest in reading research
  • What Dyslexia is, and what causes it
  • What is phonological processing?
  • What causes phonological processing difficulties?
  • What are phonological representations?

Teaching Kids to Read

  • Why teaching reading is difficult
  • What research tells us about how best to teach students to read
  • What is the best way to teach children with learning difficulties to read?

Part 2 – Using Reading Doctor® programs and apps

This workshop will explore Reading Doctor® Software programs and apps including: Reading Sounds 1 Pro (PC program)

  • Letter Sounds 1 & 2 Pro / Blending Sounds 1 Pro / Spelling Sounds 1 Pro / Sight Words 1 Pro (iPad / android / Mac)
  • Word Builder (iPad)

How does Reading Doctor Software work?

  • Reading Doctor Software teaching philosophy and methodology
  • Explanation of the multisensory scaffolding support system
  • Explanation of the ‘Rapid Learning Matrix’
  • Explanation of the ‘Rapid Learning Matrix’ – the self-adjusting, multisensory scaffolding system

How do Reading Doctor Programs and apps help you to teach:

  • Letter sounds
  • Blending
  • Consonant blends
  • Segmentation
  • Whole word recognition
  • 1st 200 sight words

How to teach the most crucial skills to beginning readers using ReadingDoctor practical suggestions and guided hands on instruction in teaching:

  • Letter sounds
  • Blending
  • Consonant blends
  • Segmentation
  • Whole word recognition
  • 1st 200 sight words

as well as

  • Vocabulary
  • Language skills

Guided, interactive tutorials on:

  • Setting up
  • Letter-Sounds activities
  • Blending activities
  • Segmentation activities
  • Consonant blend activities
  • Sight words activities
  • Creating, saving and loading custom activities

How to create:

  • Word families
  • Minimal pair activities
  • Auditory discrimination activities
  • Activities for improving vocabulary

How to use:

  • The testing facility
  • The flashcard printing facility
  • Student record keeping functions

Also covers:

  • Suggested order of activities
  • Monitoring progress
  • Tailoring activities to individual students
  • Suggestions for incorporating ReadingDoctor into your teaching
  • Includes many practical suggestions for teaching students to read based on Dr. Bartek Rajkowski’s clinical experience.

Please Note:

For the benefit of participants, part of the session will be practical, hands-on workshop, so please bring your laptop and/or your Android / iPad for this session. For occupational health and safety reasons, we cannot guarantee that there will be power for every laptop so please ensure that your laptop batteries are fully charged.

Price $200 + GST.


For more information, online registration and payment please go to:


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