Successfully Managing Children with ADHD

  • 09:00 AM
  • UNSW Scientia Building, Botany Street, Randwick NSW 2052

Presented by Fintan O’Regan (UK)

International Author and Specialist in Behaviour and Learning

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is term used to describe a spectrum of learning and behaviour differences.

This Full Day Workshop will outline how to best unlock the potential of learners who are lateral thinkers but have a low level of boredom and require stimulating teaching and learning experiences.

It will consider a range of systems and strategies in order to address successful learning, behaviour and socialisation outcomes for children on the ADHD spectrum.

The Content Includes

  • Why the issue of ADHD is so important: Considering the impact of ADHD on the school, family and community.
  • When is it ADHD?: What are the symptoms, DSMV, executive function, causes, prevalence, and diagnosis including classroom screening tools for teachers?
  • Girls and Boys and ADHD: Differences in the sexes with ADHD, co-existing difficulties and differences including ASD, ODD and CD.
  • The Multi-Model Management Model: Introducing; Educational, Behavioural, Socialisation and Medication options for Management.
  • Inclusive Whole School Approaches: Setting rules, rituals and routines, accessing the curriculum, seating, goal setting, organisation, study skills, homework and rewarding positive outcomes.
  • Managing a range of demanding behaviours: Dealing with distractibility, insatiability, defiance, passive resistance, anger and aggression.
  • Socialisation and Friendships: Consideration of how best to deal with peer interaction during class and non-classroom time, including issues of bullying.
  • The role of Medication in learning and behavior: The different types of Medication available, pros and cons including side effects.
  • Working with Parents and Carers: Home school collaboration and communication and preparing the child and family for transitions.



Wed. 12 September 2018

9:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST

Cost per ticket: $226.31

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