Vocabulary Instruction PD with Dr Mary Dahlgren

  • 09:00 AM
  • NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre. Level 1, 23 - 33 Mary Street, Surry Hills
  • 02 9739 6277 or em:

Vocabulary Instruction: Which Words to Teach and Effective Strategies

  • Oral language development – Speaking and listening skills develop early and are a requirement for reading comprehension.  We know many children suffer from a lack of language skills.  This workshop will help teachers become more conscious of oral language development and the critical nature of these skills.  We will focus on teaching vocabulary through reading aloud, daily academic talk and restatement of common statements.
  • Vocabulary routines, teaching words in-depth – Selecting words to teach based on academic word choices.  Introduction to new words and repetition of word use throughout the day is important for students to ‘own’ new words. Mastering a higher level vocabulary knowledge, appreciate the power of words and how they enhance higher level thinking, precision of word choice, and how topic specific information develops word knowledge.
  • Morphology is the study of prefixes, suffixes, Latin root words and Greek combining forms – the language of literacy and academic language, requires a specific knowledge of words. The last portion of this session will focus on the history of the English language, Latin and Greek morphemes and their meanings and systematic instruction from kindergarten through 3rd grade.


Presented by Dr Mary Dahlgren

Dr Dahlgren, Ed.D. is president of MED Consulting and Tools 4 Reading USA. Dr. Dahlgren is currently leading a project working with 8 other literacy coaches in Oklahoma which has provided coaching and professional development for over 100 schools.

Mary has worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, professional development provider and consultant to numerous school districts and State Departments of Education in 28 states.

Dahlgren is the author of Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction, a course designed to give teachers hands-on and engaging instructional strategies required for meeting the standards for the teaching of reading.


Event Details

WHEN: 9am to 4pm, Wednesday, 31 October 2018.  Registration from 8.30am.

WHERE: NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre Level 1, 23 – 33 Mary Street, Surry Hills

COST:  SPELD Tutors $215, SPELD Members $240, Non-members $275

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Completing this event will contribute to 6 hours of NESA Registered PD for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW


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