Working memory and reading difficulties

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  • MGSM Macquarie Park Executive Centre
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Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Date: Friday 11th October 2019

Location: MGSM Macquarie Park Executive Centre

Cost: $200 per person (10% discount when enrolled in two workshops)

Catering: Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided during the workshop.

Course materials: A course workbook with all materials will be provided.



Description of workshop:

Research has consistently demonstrated verbal working memory deficits in children with dyslexia, and has shown that not only do these deficits not get better over time- but that they may even increase with age. Recently, working memory programs have been introduced to the market as a way to improve reading skills. Despite quite an abundance of research, and the promotion of working memory training, it is still unclear exactly how working memory is related to poor word reading and what the implications are for treatment. This workshop will explore how the two cognitive skills may be related, and what this means for children with dyslexia.


About the speaker:

Dr Erin Banales has been the Clinic Coordinator of the Macquarie University Reading Clinic since 2014. Dr Banales has previously held positions at both the University of Melbourne and University of Sydney in the area of Affective Disorders, and moved into the area of Developmental Disorders through her current position at Macquarie. Dr Banales completed her PhD in 2014, which focused on an aim to profile the nature of working memory deficits in children with reading difficulties (dyslexia) and to investigate the efficacy of working memory training in this same population. She is passionate about evidence-based assessment and treatment of dyslexia, in addition to assisting teachers and parents who are supporting children with reading difficulties.


About the workshop:

In this half-day seminar, Dr Banales will discuss the methods of intervention for children with dyslexia, including the role of verbal working memory training in treating reading difficulties. She will also discuss the implications of poor working memory in the classroom and how these difficulties may be supported.


Workshop outcomes:

This workshop should provide attendees with a clearer understanding of the way verbal working memory and dyslexia interact, and offer further information about interventions and the methods used in treatment to combat learning difficulties and poor reading skills.


Who should/should not attend? Any prerequisites, assumed/required knowledge:

Teachers and clinicians who are involved with children who present with dyslexia and reading difficulties, and who are interested in learning more about the relationship between and treatment options for working memory and poor word reading.


Registration deadline: 1 week before workshop.

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