A wonderful start to early reading instruction!

This pack of 4 of the initial eight Little Learners Love Literacy decodable reader sets (160 readers) provides Kindergarten classes with readers to give students the opportunity to practise essential letter-sound knowledge and decoding (sounding out) skills.

These readers can be used in reading groups or as take home readers.

Each Pack contains 160 readers:

4 x Stage 1: Books 1-5
4 x Stage 2: Books 6-10
4 x Stage 3: Books 11-15
4 x Stage 4: Books 16-20
4 x Stage 4 Plus: Books 20a-20e
4 x Stage 5: Books 21-25
4 x Stage 6: Books 26-30
4 x Stage 7 Unit 1: Books 31-35



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SPELD Members price of $1150 (including GST and postage to one location)

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