Decodable Readers Kindergarten and Yr1-2 Packs available!

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Decodable readers for Kindergarten classes give students the opportunity to practise essential letter-sound knowledge and decoding (sounding out) skills.

These readers can be used in reading groups or as take-home readers.

SAVE by ordering a Decodable Reader Pack from SPELD NSW.

All prices include GST and postage to one location.

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Dandelion Yr1-2 Pack now available!

A wonderful tool to extend the phonic knowledge and skills of year one and two students!

More Info on Yr1-2 Packs



SPELD NSW and our other SPELD Branches in WA., QLD. and VIC. recommend  Decodable Readers for all students, especially those with S.L.D.s learning to read.


A simple and effective tool for reading success:

Children who struggle with reading need to spend dedicated time developing their phonics skills, and reading practice using decodable books is a simple and effective way to do so.

If you have used decodable readers with your children and students you’ll understand what a difference they can make. Learning to read isn’t always simple but decodable readers will help a struggling child.


What are decodable readers?

Decodable readers are books with simplified spelling patterns, which beginning readers can tackle independently with success. You can read more about Decodable Readers here.

Decodable books gradually build up the number of sounds/spelling combinations that are used in books in each series.  The first few books might only use a handful of sounds (for example /s/, /a/, /t/, /i/ and /m/) and then as the books progress they will introduce more sounds/spelling combinations until they the books are using different vowel spellings and a range of prefixes and suffixes.  Decodable books are written for students learning to read in the early years (such as the Dandelion Reader and Launcher series and the Little Learners Love Literacy books) or for older students who need more practice to develop decoding skills to learn to read (such as the Dandelion catch up reader series).

It’s important for all children to have access to decodable texts for learning to read.

Sarah Asome highlights the importance of PHONICS as part of the FIVE keys of early reading instruction and the impact on later reading skills.