Dyslexia Empowerment Week 18th-24th October

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Dyslexia Empowerment Week

Dyslexia is one of Australia’s most misunderstood learning challenges.

An estimated 20-25% of students have learning difficulties , which means they struggle with the acquisition of reading, writing, spelling or maths. The reasons for these difficulties are many and varied, from missing time at school to having English as a second language. For the majority of these students, we know that once they are provided with good support and instruction they will make strong progress.

Dyslexia in word collageAn estimated 3-5% of students, however, will experience ongoing challenges to their learning, even when provided with appropriate support. These students may be classified as having a Specific Learning Disability (SLD), such as dyslexia, which is a Specific Reading Disorder. Dyslexia is not an intellectual disability – but children with dyslexia struggle to read and often feel as though they are failing each and every day.

Ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to learn to read is important, as is providing appropriate support and understanding to the one or more students in every Australian classroom with dyslexia. This is what has led organisations and volunteers across the Australian SLD community to create Dyslexia Empowerment Week (DEW), now in its third year. This year DEW is 18 – 24 October 2015.


Go to the National Dyslexia Empowerment Week 2015 Website


The aim of this very important week is to increase our communities’ awareness and understanding of dyslexia so that people with dyslexia receive the understanding and support they need! Join us and get your local school and/or community involved to help raise awareness about dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

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There will be a variety of activities and events that will take place during Dyslexia Empowerment Week so keep up to date on the ‘Events’ page. The events for DEW will be crowd sourced from schools and communities across the nation. So, join us today – list you own event at our ‘Host an Event’ page or connect with us on Facebook and share with us your school’s activities!

If you have any questions or would like your school to participate, email the DEW coordinator – Leticia Brown – to receive your school information pack.

Dyslexia Empowerment Week is currently managed by volunteers from SPELD Victoria
in collaboration with AUSPELD.

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Infographic Courtesy of Understood “Student Voices Survey” (National Center for Learning Disabilites)

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