Are you interested in being a registered tutor for SPELD NSW?

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tutors neededTutors wanted urgently for the following areas:

  • The Greater West –  Parramatta through to Liverpool and beyond including postcodes 2150, 2165,2172, 2745,2756,2766,2565,2170,2143
  • Sutherland Shire and further south to Wollongong 2232,2230,2500
  • Regional areas such as Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo etc

Please pass this information on to Tutors and other Professionals in the relevant areas.

Or call the office anytime between 10am – 2pm Mon – Thurs for more information.

Specific Learning Difficulties (S.L.D) can include Reading issues/Dyslexia, Writing issues/Dysgraphia, Maths issues/Dyscalculia, Attention issues/ADHD and many more.

SLDs affect approximately 10% of the population, so regardless of IQ; there are approximately three children in every school class of 30 with a SLD.


Registration Requirements

Prior to registration on the SPELD NSW Referral Database, please note the following requirements:


Prospective tutors must complete and submit a Working with Children Background Check Consent Form and have one of the following:

  • a teaching qualification in Early Childhood/Primary education
  • a teaching qualification in English or Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) at Secondary Level
  • a Special Education qualification in the field of Learning Difficulties for children or adults.

In addition, at least ONE of the following is required:

  • evidence of the completion of course in particular methods of teaching children or adults with SLD, e.g. Lindamood, Spalding, MULTILIT
  • detailed knowledge of several methods of teaching children or adults who have SLD
  • completion of a SPELD run course in methods of teaching children or adults with SLD

Other Professionals/ Professional Practice: 

This category includes Educational Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, “Intrinsic” therapists such as Sound Therapists, Neurofeedback specialists etc.?To be placed on the SPELD NSW Referral Database, professionals must provide the following:

  • A short curriculum vitae describing experience, areas of expertise and interest
  • A sample report

A phone or in-person interview is also required for all new tutors and professionals.


Show me the Tutor and/or Other Professional Information Form 

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How does it work?

A Referral Database of Tutors, Other Professionals and Professional Practices is maintained by SPELD NSW. Parents, teachers and other adults, after discussing their particular problems with our Referral Officers, can be referred to suitable trained tutors – usually three, if available in the geographical area.

Tutors and Other Professionals who are SPELD NSW Members are eligible to apply for inclusion on our SPELD Referral Database. Face-to face tutoring on individual programs takes place in either the tutor’s or client’s home or business premises. Fees are individually negotiated with the tutor or other Professional.

Referral Database Inclusion Fee:

  • Included with your Professional / Tutor Membership. (Criteria above need to be met*)