Psycho-Educational Assessments for children and adults

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We are also looking for consultant psychologists to work with us…


A psycho-educational assessment is generally requested to identify a person’s learning strengths and weaknesses, and to ascertain whether an identifiable learning or language disorder exists.

  • Individuals attending SPELD NSW for a psycho-educational assessment have usually struggled with one or more of the core academic skill areas (e.g. reading, writing, spelling, mathematics) for an extended period of time.
  • All assessments will be conducted by a registered Psychologist, with clinical experience in the field of educational psychology. All psychologists working with SPELD NSW have extensive knowledge in literacy, learning and development.
  • A report is provided after the assessment with details of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in literacy, evidence-based strategies for remediation, and suggestions for accommodation (if warranted), included.

SPELD NSW will offer a number of different psycho-educational assessments specifically developed to investigate learning strengths and difficulties.


Bookings and Information for Psycho-Educational Assessment with SPELD NSW

If you would like to get more information or make a booking for yourself or your child/ward please call the office on (02) 9739 6277 or email No referral is required.

Psycho-Educational Assessments



Are You a Consultant Psychologist that would like to work with SPELD NSW?

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