Talk 4 Writing written expression workshops for Primary School Teachers and High School Teachers (*New*) in 2019

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Offers an overview of the Talk 4 Writing approach and provides opportunities for hands-on participation in this exceptionally effective instructional approach for teaching written expression.

Primary School Teachers and Tutors Two Day Workshop: 21-22 March 2019.

High School Teachers and Tutors One Day Workshop: 31 May 2019.


Both workshops presented by registered psychologist Courtney McNally.  Courtney has extensive knowledge in the area of learning difficulties. She is a passionate advocate for Talk for Writing, and has found the program to be highly engaging and effective for students of all ages and abilities, including those students with learning difficulties.

Talk 4 Writing for Primary School Teachers and Tutors, Two Day Workshop

The workshop addresses the use of Talk 4 Writing for both fiction and non-fiction and covers:

  • Planning: based on instructional needs of students at either a unit or whole-school level;
  • The “Three I’s” – Imitation, Innovation and Invention – The fundamentals of the Talk 4 Writing approach, by guiding students in a systematic, scaffolded way they develop their writing from dependence to independence.
  • Student skill development is promoted through effective feedback;
  • Accurate assessment of writing, assists in track students’ progress and guides teaching goals; and
  • Development of grammatical skills, with a focus on functional application of grammar in writing, through ‘warm-up’ games selected to meet specific instructional needs of students.

WHEN: 9.00am to 3.30pm, 21 – 22 March 2019. 

WHERE: SPELD NSW Offices, Parramatta.


Non Member $445
Member $410
SPELD Tutor $360


Talk 4 Writing for High School Teachers and Tutors, One Day Workshop

Many high school students find the writing process to be extremely challenging. They may have a good understanding of a subject, but struggle to write in a way that clearly shows their understanding. For high school teachers, this is likely to be frustrating, because students are unable to show the knowledge they have been taught in lessons and slower academic progress is made

Talk4Writing is a unique process that uses spoken activities to develop writing skills. Originally designed to teach written expression to primary school children, the Talk For Writing approach has been successfully adapted for a high school setting. It provides a framework to teach students to express their knowledge effectively, in writing or speech, using the style of expression needed for each subject area. The result is an approach that can be used consistently within a school, while still having the flexibility to be an appropriate teaching method across the diverse areas of the curriculum.

WHEN: 9.00am to 3.30pm, 31 May 2019

WHERE: SPELD NSW Offices, Parramatta


Non Member $235
Member $215
SPELD Tutor $180



For more information about T4W see the Official Talk4Writing Website.

They offer downloadable resources, Case Studies, T4W School Network and more.



Completing these workshops will contribute to hours of QTC Registered Professional learning towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. See Workshops for number of hours.