SPELD NSW can provide professional development and parent workshops at your school, community group or office.

On-site workshops provide a great opportunity for you to offer professional development to your whole staff team or parent community on topics of interest.  Workshops can be held after school (a twilight workshop), during school hours or on a professional development day.

On-site workshops generally run for 1 ½ to 3 hours and workshops for teachers can be registered with NESA.


Workshops fees are as follow:

$260 per hour (SPELD NSW Members)
$285 per hour (non-members),
plus travel costs.


Workshops are available on the following topics:

Understanding Learning Difficulties – What are the specific learning difficulties in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and maths (dyscalculia), what are the signs that a student may have a specific learning difficulty, what are phonological and orthographic processing and how do they impact on learning to read and spell?  This workshop will give attendees an understanding of how to help a student with a specific learning difficulty through evidence based instruction and adjustments.

Providing Adjustments to students with Specific Learning Difficulties – What are the specific learning difficulties in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and maths (dyscalculia), what does the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards for Education say about supporting students with a specific learning difficulty?  This workshop will equip teachers with skill to provide adjustment for students with specific learning difficulties and practical examples of appropriate adjustments.

Using Decodable Books in your Classroom – What skills do students need when learning to read and how do decodable texts help? This workshop will help attendees better understand decodable texts, which decodable texts to select, how to differentiate using decodable texts and how to use decodable texts alongside other readers.  The workshop will also demonstrate how to link the scope and sequence of a decodable text series to the National Literacy Progressions (Phonics Knowledge).

ADHD A cause of underachievement both at school and in life outcomes – What is ADHD and how does the condition impact a student’s learning? What does the research say about the treatment, educational remediation and behaviour management of students with ADHD? The workshop demonstrates how to teach Goal Setting and how to build Executive Function in students with ADHD.


Please get in touch with SPELD NSW to enquire about a workshop booking.