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    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #1, Homework tips, letter reversal help (PDF 324 KB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #2, Using Lego to build maths concepts, learning to read info (PDF 322 KB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #3, Help with writing sentences (PDF 1.22 MB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #4, Phonemic Awareness (PDF 420 KB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #5, Basic Numbers – Games and Activities for learning Family of Ten (PDF 560 KB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #6, Graphic Organisers (PDF 964 KB)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #7, Recommendations for Teaching Dyslexic Children, graphics and links

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #8, Spelling Homework Help p.1 Phonemic Awareness –  help and activities (See Members Section, CLICK HERE for a sample)

    SPELD NSW Parents Corner #9, Spelling Homework Help p.2 Letter-Sound Correspondence –  help and activities (See Members Section, CLICK HERE for a sample)

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    What Members are saying about Spelling Homework Help

    “Thanks, another great e-news from SPELD.

    This edition I especially enjoyed Melinda Matthews’ article (Spelling Homework Help p1). At my university I am trying to get greater rigour in our teacher education English curriculum units, most specifically with regard to explicit and systematic teaching of phonemic awareness and phonics for teaching reading and spelling. If I had my way this is the kind of resource I would be encouraging students to engage with and learn from. Another resource I have used and would recommend are the SPELD SA phonics books they are even free!”

    Anna, Lecturer / Researcher (April 2015)



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    Dyslexia: Mason’s Story

    Masons story


    Written by Isabella Evans as a part of her Year 7 ‘Personal Interest Project’ in 2013.

    Isabella’s aim was to understand dyslexia from the view of children who live with it and write a book that will help them understand their difficulty, so that they don’t feel alone.

    The book is a perfect opportunity for you to work through what it is like to have a specific learning disability with your dyslexic child and his or her siblings. It can be used individually, in small groups or the classroom at school.

    CLICK HERE or on the book for a FLASH VERSION of Mason’s Story

    CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of Mason’s Story (ipad/tablet friendly) (PDF – 2.3 MB)


    Other great resources for Parents

    Understanding Learning Difficulties, A Guide for Parents. – Interactive website and downloadable PDF book from AUSPELD. (Dec16 we still have stock of the hardcopy book for sale if you want to give it as a gift etc, pls contact the office)

    Fivefromfive Parent Resources

    Teaching Reading Resources from SPELD SA


     Lots of Educational Clips on our SPELD NSW Youtube Channel.