Professional Referral DatabaseHow does it work?

A Professional Referral Database of Tutors, Other Professionals and Professional Practices is maintained by SPELD NSW. Parents, teachers and other adults, after discussing their particular problems with our Referral Officers, can be referred to suitable trained tutors – usually three, if available in the geographical area.

Tutors and Other Professionals who are SPELD NSW Members are eligible to apply for inclusion on our SPELD Referral Database. Face-to face tutoring on individual programs takes place in either the tutor’s or client’s home or business premises. Fees are individually negotiated with the tutor.

Referral Database Inclusion Fee:

  • Included with your Professional / Tutor Membership. (Certain criteria need to be met*)

*Refer to the SPELD NSW Referral Database Policy


Form Downloads

Professional Information Form (Docx for MS Word)

Professional Information Form (PDF)

Tutor Information Form (Docx for MS Word)

Tutor Information Form (PDF)