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Specific Learning Difficulties can include Reading issues / Dyslexia, Writing issues / Dysgraphia, Maths issues / Dyscalculia, Attention issues / ADHD and many more..

Your support will help us continue to provide free advice and other services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties (SLDs) and those who teach, work and care for them.

Support us with SPELD NSW MembershipSLDs affect approximately 10% of the population, so regardless of IQ; there are approximately three children in every school class of 30 with a SLD.

SPELD NSW believes that all individuals should have every opportunity to achieve their full potential in life. We aim to help people with Specific Learning Difficulties in N.S.W. reach this goal by:

  • Supporting the educational needs of children and adults with SLDs.
  • Supporting teachers, other professionals and kindred associations working with adults and children with SLDs.
  • Promoting knowledge of, and equal access to, all aspects of education which accommodates the needs of children and adults with SLDs.
  • Acting as advocates on behalf of children and adults with SLD in advancing collaboration and communication with educational and government authorities and other relevant bodies.

Please go to the SPELD NSW Member Portal to Renew Your Membership or Email Us