Annual Membership Subscriptions:


$40: Student Membership
This category includes any full-time university, TAFE or Specialist College students.

$70: Individual Membership 
This category is suitable for any interested family member or parent of a child with a possible or diagnosed learning difficulty; any adult with a specific learning difficulty or interested community member.

$95: Tutor Membership* 
This category is for teachers or other professionals (not listed in the ‘other professional category’) who have specialist training in teaching people with specific learning difficulties.

$135: Other Professional/Professional Practice* 
Educational Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, etc. fall under this category.

$195: Organisation / School Membership 
Pre-schools, primary and secondary, of all systems (are welcomed, with their ability to disseminate SPELD information to their school communities, and with discounts available for professional development events).

* Includes listing on the SPELD NSW Referral Database (provided professional criteria are met)

(All membership fees are GST inclusive)

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